Stainless Steel Motorbike Scooter Wheel Alarm Brake Lock


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Product High Lights
* Used For Motorbike,Motorcycle,bike,Electromobile,scooter,etc...
* Fashionable Design
* Safety and Convenient
* Materials:Stainless Steel (not alloy or zinc alloy, China best quality)
* Internal use of full sealed waterproof structure.
* Resistant corrosion,Shake proof, resistant bad weather,resistant physical destroy.
* Built in anti theft alarm,Automatic alarm reset.
* Battery: 6 pcs button AG13 or LR44 4.5V (Included),last for 4-6 months.
* Shake, shock,move or vibrate sensor;Alarm working when touched or tampered with in any way thus alerting you to unwanted attention.
* Easy to use,push-down locking

Package included:
* pc Motorcycle alarm disc brake lock with 6pcs of button battery.
* pcs brass security key

1 Lock Operation
* Press the lock core, it will be locked and you will hear the sound "Du", which means it is coming into the alarming station after 15 seconds. When the lock body is vibrated, it needs 5 seconds to vibrate again then give an alarm "Du Du Du". Each alarm will last for 10 seconds.
* Use the key to open the lock, the lock will stop at once.
2. Battery Replacement
* When you hear the sound "Ge Ge Ge...", constant sound or the alarm voice less than 10 seconds and stop alarm at once, that means the battery will worn out,you need replace the battery. Please use the provided spanner to spin out the 4 screws,then take away the top cover and replace the battery. Please pay attendtion to "+" and "-".
* At regular intervals,clean the keyhole and the pin.

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